E3 Summer Leadership Academy

The E3 Summer Leadership Academy is an extension of the highly successful Project Impact program with a more intensive curriculum. The proposed 8-week summer program (4 days a week with an optional field trip on Fridays) would kick off in late May/early June and would have slots for 30-40 students and will give priority to students who participate in the Project Impact program during the academic year. We would like to offer students a $100 per week stipend for participating in the program based on their inability to work during the day for the 8 weeks of the program.

The Leadership Academy would employ a classroom model that would keep participating students together with a teacher/mentor throughout the summer in a three part day. Students would begin each morning at 8 AM at our host venue, the Boys and Girls Club in Harrisburg, for tutoring with certified teachers.

We would then travel to one of our partner’s campuses (Augusta Tech and Cape Augusta) for cyber education and financial literacy.

Lastly, our students would return to the Boys and Girls Club campus each day where they would participate and socialize with the other students. During this time, we would schedule business, civic, governmental, and other leaders to visit the site each day to interact and bond with our students. This portion of the program is extremely important as it allows the students to engage with leaders interested in them in a safe and un-intimidating environment and furthers the student’s growth and maturity.