What is the Talented Tenth?

The Talented Tenth Community Leadership Development Program (Talented Tenth) is a 12-18 month program designed to provide opportunities for our areas brightest and most thoughtful leaders to meet, learn and grow together while following a scripted plan for development. Undiscovered and emerging talents often need a platform to showcase their abilities and utilize them for the community at large. The Talented Tenth program will use this opportunity to utilize these valuable community resources on a worthwhile project that will improve Augusta.

How would you summarize what we are doing?

The Talented Tenth program participants will be working together to improve their understanding of our community’s needs and issues and provide leadership to assist in its improvement. The group will use a “lecture, sharing, listening, learning” model to ensure a comprehensive approach to leadership development which will result in the creation of lifelong friendships, working relationships and superior outcomes and solutions for our city.

What type of community based project will the Talented Tenth be working on?

The Augusta community will never reach its full potential if its struggling communities-more specifically the African American community-do not improve socio-economic status which usually measured by “education levels, employment levels, income levels, wealth and health of an individual or community” along with various other factors. Thus, Augusta’s Agenda was created as a project to examine ways to improve our socio-economic status by creating an agenda that can be used to lead our community and improving Augusta.

How were participants chosen?

Participants were chosen based on individual achievement, commitment to community and personal recommendations.