Our Story

The E3 Leadership Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit based in Augusta, Georgia. Started in 2007, its initial service was to students in the Richmond County School system through its “Pathways” program where foundation officials worked with students in the alternative school and looked to support them in their effort of becoming students in good standing back at their home school. This was done through group and individual sessions with licensed therapists and community volunteers.

E3’s mission is to:

 “Educate, empower and enlighten our community through programs and initiatives that are aimed at leadership and community development for youth and emerging leaders in our community.”

 Our focus is on:

Academic foundation and continuous learning – Education  

Community awareness and involvement – Enlightenment  

Independent thinking, self-awareness, and decision making – Empowerment

The E3 Leadership Foundation’s primary work is through “programs and projects.” 

Programs are groups of people and ideas with a simple mission that normally grow from the E3 board and staff and require differing levels of involvement. Some programs are original creations while others are established through partnerships or collaborations with other organizations. 

Projects are usually carefully planned efforts that extend, support or enhance the programs and mission of E3. They have defined time periods and require support from partner organizations.